XClimbPro and ClimbSphere present at OUTDOOR

Klimhal Amsterdam presents XClimbPro and Climb Sphere on the OUTDOOR fair in Friedrichshafen Germany from june 18-21.

The Rotating climbingwalls are the most modern and elegant rock climbing simulators in the world.

With the XClimbPro or ClimbSphere your customers will safely climb, without the burden of having to carry complicated climbing gears, possess the right knowledge or approach scaring height. They will feel free and forget of being on a machine whilst aerobically working out.

The ClimbSphere and XClimbPro will attract everyone’s attention thanks to its massive dimensions, impressive look, colorful holds and the striking LED lights. The simulators suits every dynamic fitness or sport center that offers intensive work-outs due to its versatility and unlimited ways of use (e.g. changeable inclination and speed).
The multi-functional design and ease of use will offer your customers the best and safe solution for their training, allowing at the same time in the one hand a complete body workout and in the other an extra ordinary climbing experience.

Approach a new way of thinking by combining cardio and strength training with our rotating climbingwall simulators.

More info: HERE

Klimhal Amsterdam is de perfecte plek voor de beginnende en gevorderde klimmer, voor groepen en individuele klimmers. De hal beschikt over veel faciliteiten, deskundige begeleiding en is daarnaast goed bereikbaar per auto (gratis parkeerruimte) en openbaar vervoer (station Sloterdijk).

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