Climbing and Bouldering routes

At Klimhal Amsterdam you will find approximately 300 climbing and bouldering routes, spread across a climbing wall surface of about 3300m2. All routes are built by our experienced route builders. To maintain variety new routes and boulders are added every month.

klimroute 6a


In our gym you will find boulder routes in various colours. The colour indicates the difficulty. The aim is to accomplish a route of one single colour. The grip with the indication BB is the official starting point of the route. The boulder ends where EE is indicated. You have finished the boulder problem when your feet are on any of the indicated colour’s grips and you hold onto the end grip for two seconds.


Climbing Routes

The climbing routes are also built in various colours. A route consists of one colour. At the beginning of every route there is a card with information about the route. You can read about the difficulty , which rope to use, who built it and when it was built. Sometimes the card will contain additional information such as ‘without wall’ or ‘don’t use sides’; the meaning will become obvious while you climb the route.

Climbing Level and Difficulty

Each colour stands for a different climbing level.

Below are the indication of the difficulty for the bouldering areas:

Pink = Kids Routes / level 4
Yello = 4/5A
Purple = 5A/5B
Orange = 5C
Green = 6A
Red = 6B
Black = 6C
Blue = 7A
Marbled = x

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