ATTENTION! You can climb again with the autobelays, under the condition that you’re at least with two person (in order to perform a partner check).

Since December 2017, Klimhal Amsterdam has equipped the gym with auto belays; these are automatic belay devices. Normally there is always someone who belays the climber, who holds the rope and keeps it tight. Now this is done by the device. This way you can climb in a safe way without a belayer. If you have no experience with the auto belays, you must of course first follow an instruction in how to use them. You can make a reservation for this instruction via our website.

Auto belays have been installed in 13 different places in the climbing gym, with climbing routes up to 20 meters high. This gives the opportunity to climb more than 75 different routes.

The rules when using the Autobelay:

  • Children up to the age of 16 must be clipped in, checked and clipped out by an adult.
  • With the exception for children with a K2 license.
  • You will always climb with two or three people, with at least one person remaining on the ground (as with top-rope climbing). The person on the ground will be there in order to perform the partner check.
  • Check your harness and that of your fellow climber(s).
  • Pull on the Autobelay rope or webbing and see if it retracts again. If the rope/webbing is not nicely taut while climbing, stop immediately and go down. (the rappelling function will always work!)
  • Place the carabiner with the opening away from you on the belay loop of your harness.
  • Check whether the carabiner is fully closed and locked.
  • Place the Belaygate, this is the orange triangle, on the ground so that others know that someone is climbing the Autobelay.
  • Ask your climbing buddy for a check, the partner check!
  • Your climbing buddy will wait until you are back on the ground (just like with top-rope climbing).
  • When your feet are 1.5m from the ground, you make a test fall, release the grips and you go down in a comfortable pace.
  • Climb up as far as you want but never climb above the device!!
  • Always climb towards the device for the last few meters so that you don’t commute.
  • If you want to go down, first check that there is no one below you.
  • The auto belay automatically locks when you let go and lowers you gently. You can hold the rope when you come down.
  • When you’re done clip the carabiner back to the loop on the belaygate.

Watch the video here:

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