As of December 2017 Klimhal Amsterdam has access to auto belays; these are belay machines.
Normally there is always someone who secures/belays the climber, who holds the rope and catches the climber. Now this is can be done by the Auto Belay device.
You can now climb on your own in a safe manner. If you do not have any experience with the auto belays then you should get an instruction on how to use it.
In the climbing hall auto belay devices have been installed in 8 different locations, you can even climb up to 20 meters. This way you can climb about 55 routes.

For a basic instruction (learning how to belay) you must always be with 3 people. For climbing with the auto belays this is not necessary and you can also come alone, with 2 people, or one adult and a child.
Call in advance to make an appointment. The costs for the instruction are 23.50 euro per person (adults) and 16.50 per child (-16year) incl material (ex climbing shoes), entrance fee and instruction.

The rules for using the auto belay:

  • Children may only use it if they are attached by an adult.
  • Even when they are ready, they must be released by an adult.
  • With the exception of children with a K2, they can independently operate the auto belay.
  • Check whether you have your harness on properly.
  • Pull the belt and see if it is retracted. If it is not the case during the climb, stop immediately.
  • Place the carabiner with the opening away from you at the binding loop of your harness.
  • Check whether the carabiner is properly closed.
  • Place the Belaygate, this is the orange triangle, on the ground so that others know that someone is climbing above the triangle with the car belay.
  • Ask another climber visitor if you can climb, the partner check!
  • Climb up as far as you want but never above the device !!
  • If you want to go down, first check if there is nobody beneath you, let go and grab the band.
  • First you go down a little bit quickly and then slowly.
  • When you’re done, hang the Belaygate back with the carabiner on the wall.

Watch the video here:

Sinds december 2017 heeft Klimhal Amsterdam de beschikking over auto belays; dit zijn zeker automaten.
Normaal is er altijd iemand die de klimmer zekert, die het touw vasthoudt en inhaalt. Nu wordt dit door het apparaat gedaan.
Je kunt nu in je eentje op een veilige manier klimmen. Als je nog geen ervaring hebt met de auto belays dan moet je een instructie krijgen in het gebruik hiervan.
In de klimhal zijn op 8 verschillende plekken auto belays geïnstalleerd, je kunt zelfs tot 20 meter hoog. Op deze manier kun je ongeveer 55 routes klimmen.

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