Climbing and bouldering in Amsterdam

If you want to go climbing or bouldering in Amsterdam, the place to go is Klimhal Amsterdam: the largest climbing hall in the Benelux. Climbers do not get bored here quickly, because on the climbing walls you will find more than 300 routes and 300 boulders. Our climbing wall has a total surface of 3300 m2. Our setters regularly develop new climbing routes and boulders. Not only for advanced climbers (from level 6a to 8a), but also for beginners (from level 2 to 5c) and all climbing levels in between. In addition, there are also many options for children in Klimhal Amsterdam.

Climbing courses & trainings

At Klimhal Amsterdam you can take various climbing courses. For beginning climbers, we organize several climbing courses for beginners every month. In this beginners course, safety plays a big role: the most important goal of the lessons is that you learn how to climb indoors independently. Here you can find more information about the beginners courses.

For climbers who have already mastered the basics of climbing, it is time to work on their climbing technique. A lot of climbing is the best way to get ahead, especially if you do this under the supervision of our enthusiastic instructors. In the continuous training you work in a group to improve your climbing technique, tactics, strength and endurance.

Boulder course & training

A good climbing technique is also indispensable for bouldering. Who wants to become better at bouldering has several options: follow the boulder course or a continuous boulder training. In the bouldering course you learn a number of basic techniques of bouldering such as foot placement, balance, foot and hand changes, hopping and twisting. The continuous boulder training is meant for those who already master the basic techniques.


Klimhal Amsterdam considers safety to be of paramount importance. Our instructors are all experienced and knowledgeable. Safety is a permanent part in the beginners’ course. Climbing autonomously, without the supervision of an instructor, is possible for everyone with climbing diploma K2 (indoor top rope) from the Klimsport Sector Association. For novice climbers and children it is mandatory to climb under supervision.

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