Climb club-Climb training for kids

Young climbers check this out! Are you between 5 and 16 years old? Then you can become a member of Klimclub Amsterdam. In Klimclub Amsterdam young climbers come to train weekly with one of our instructors. Here you will learn the basic principles of sport climbing.

When you are 5-7 years old You can join our Klauterclub! Youngsters will learn all the tricks for climbing and build a good base for their sport climbing future.

The Klimclub Amsterdam consists of a beginners and advanced group. Exceptionally talented kids might get selected for the Selection Group. In the Beginners Group the instructors teach the basics of safety in climbing and of course fundamental climbing techniques. In the Advanced Group the kids are specifically trained in strength, technique, endurance and how to handle the mental challenges that come with climbing. The goal is to improve the climbing level. The kids in the Selection Group train hard to test their skills in regional and national competitions.

Beginners Group for young climbers

For the new young climber, safety comes first. Every youngster that starts to climb with us starts off by getting the K2 climbing certificate. Lessons are 1,5 hours and after achieving the certificate the children are able to belay each other in top rope, under supervision of the instructor. Once this has been done they can start to explore their own strength, boundaries and potential. This is done playfully by carrying out different exercises and assignments. The trainers challenge the children on mental, physical and locomotive level through the games and assignments they give them.

When a youngster is able to climb independently, at least a 5C-level route, he or she can be promoted to the Advanced Group.

Would you like to try out climbing with us? You can contact us by mail or call us at 020-6810121 (during our opening hours) and make an appointment for a try-out lesson.

Advanced Group for young climbers

When youngsters start needing more challenges they will be invited to join the Advanced Group. These lessons are 2 hours. During this time young climbers train independently and under guidance of the instructors to improve their climbing level. This sport has many levels of challenge. A big part of the challenge of course lies on the physical level, such as strength and endurance. However these are at least as important as the mental and tactical challenges that sneak in along the way (or wall!) The trainers will put emphasis on specific aspects during a certain period of time and work on this together with the young climbers.

Of course it would be wonderful if these youngsters develop their skills in order to represent Klimhal Amsterdam at climbing competitions in our own gym, or maybe even regionally or nationally.

In the meantime of course our attention goes to improve climbing skills. We want our youngsters to be able to climb the various levels of difficulty to their full capacity and always climb safely. In this group we also teach the climber who are ready to climb and belay lead climbing. Lead climbing is different to top rope, since the climber does not have the rope hanging above, but takes the rope along as he or she climbs, clipping it into quick draws along the way up.

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