Klimhal Amsterdam in business

Since 1996 “Klimhal Amsterdam” is one of the biggest climbing- and bouldergyms in the Netherlands (3’200m2 of climbing surface). Beside our climbing and bouldering facilities there are more ways in which we contribute to the climbing scene. In a great collaboration with Climbmatic Klimhal Amsterdam developed XCLIMBPRO and ClimbSphere which are the most modern and elegant rock climbing simulators in the world. We also are agent for 8b+.


The XClimbPro XL will attract everyone’s attention thanks to its massive dimensions, impressive look, colorful holds and the striking LED lights. The simulator suits every dynamic fitness or sport center that offers intensive work-outs due to its versatility and unlimited ways of use (e.g. changeable inclination and speed).


The ClimbSphere is our newest model, which offers a playful and challenging way to train your climbing skills. It’s perfect for gyms, schools, hotels, leisure centers, sport stores and other businesses that want to offer a fun workout to their costumers. Check out how it works in the video below.

Agent/distributor 8b+

We are agent/distributor for 8B+. The unconventional and imaginative brand 8b+ creates climbing gear essentials for the sport climbing and bouldering scene.

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