Training climbing 5A to 7B

The climbing training work under the guidance of our enthusiastic and experienced “drill instructors” to your climbing technique, tactics, strength and endurance. Training programs, tips & tricks, using the extensive training facilities and of course a lot of climbing. You train every week for 2 hours with a group of climbers from the same level. You will be amazed of your progress! Autumn: From summer to Christmas, Winter: From Christmas to Easter, Spring: From Easter to Summer inflows is available, call for options: 020-6810121


  • €10.00 per lesson (full tuition to meet the start of the training period)

Includes: * 2 hours of training
Exclusive: * Entrance * climbing equipment

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Start dates for Spring 2018.

Day: Time: Start: End: Level: Instructor:
Monday 19.00-20.30 9 apr 25 jun Yoga voor klimmers Claire
20.30-22.30 9 apr 9 jul 5C – 6C
Tuesday 18.30-20.30 3 apr 10 jul 5A – 5C Remco
Wednesday 18.30-20.30 4 apr 11 jul 5C – 6B Remco
Wednesday 20.30-22.30 4 apr 11 jul 6C – 7B Remco
Thursday BOULDER! 18.30-20.30 5 apr 12 jul 5A – 5C BOULDER! Mirjam
Thursday 20.30-22.30 5 apr 12 jul 5C – 6B Lucia