Lead Climbing Course K3

Unlike toprope climbing, where the rope already hangs from the top, with lead Climbing the climber needs to take the rope to the top while climbing.

lead climbing

In Klimhal Amsterdam we have a 21 meter high climbing wall specifically for indoor lead climbing (the quickdraws already hanging in the wall) and an equally high tower outside which is intended for lead climbing (quickdraws need to be hanged in). A few times a year we offer lead climbing courses. We offer both climbing courses for beginners (ie you have no experience of lead climbing, but a climbing level (toprope) of at least 5b) as refresher courses, for when it’s been a while since you have been lead climbing.

Important to know
• climbing level of at least 5b is required. This means that you can climb all 5b routes in the climbing gym


€ 115.00 (including entrance)

• 3 lessons of 3 hours
• Entrance
• Lead Climbing equipment

not included:
• climbing equipment (harness, belay material, climbing shoes)

Or € 95.00 (excluding entrance)
• 3 lessons of 3 hours
• Lead Climbing equipment exclusive:
• climbing equipment (harness, belay material, climbing shoes)
• Entrance

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