Climbing course for beginners

The indoor climbing beginners course consists of 4 lessons of 2 hours, during which you learn to climb independently. After attending the entire course and close it well you get the diploma K2 (indoor toprope). This means that you can climb independently at Klimhal Amsterdam and other climbing halls (without the supervision of an instructor) When you purchase your set of climbing gear at our shop, you get one month free subscription so you can fully try out your new skills after the course.

Practical information about the climbing course for beginners


Price: € 99,95
•4 lessons of 2 hours
•Harness & belay material
•Diploma climb K2 (if course completed successfully)
•Magnetic card worth € 5.00 (this can also be a 10-ride ticket or subscription and proof of your climbing level)
•climbing shoes (to rent for € 3.75 each)

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