Bouldering course, Beginners

In Klimhal Amsterdam we regularly offer bouldering courses for beginners. A course is consisting of four 2-hour lessons in wich you will learn some useful techniques and tactics for better bouldering.

Improve your climbing technique

Bouldering is a younger branch of the climbing sport. Here you climb short, but difficult routes on low height and without a rope. During the bouldering course at Klimhal Amsterdam you learn the basic principles of bouldering and improve your climbing techniques.

Technique of Bouldering

What is the best position for your arms? What do you do in overhang? When do you twist your hips in and save your strength? During the boulder course one of our experienced trainers will teach you these techniques. These are useful for all climbers, whether you climb routes or boulder. By training your climbing technique you improve your insight in climbing routes, you refine your footwork and you learn how to more easily get hold of those tough boulder grips.


Bouldering in Klimhal Amsterdam

Klimhal Amsterdam  has several designated bouldering areas with walls up to 4.30 m high, both indoor and outdoor. The walls inside have thick fall mats underneath and for bouldering outdoors you can either bring your own crashpad or ask for one. There are approximately 300 different boulders to discover, from easy to very difficult. An overview of the boulders can be found here.


Practical Information and Prices

The boulder course consists of 4 classes of 2 hours each. These are on Thursday evenings from 18:30-20:30.

Price: €99,95 person


  • 4 lessons of 2 hours,
  • admittance,
  • free bouldering after the lessons

Not included:
– climbing shoes (for rent for € 3.75)

Special Offer for Bouldering students

Purchase your boulder set, consisting of climbing shoes, chalk bag, chalk and brush, and you will receive a month’s unlimited bouldering membership worth €44.
This way you can practice everything you’ve learned during a whole month for free!

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