Adults getting acquainted with climbing and bouldering

For everyone from 16 years or older, we have the following to offer in Klimhal Amsterdam:

Climbing. When climbing you are attached to a rope with your climbing harness so that you can climb up to 20 meters high with the climbing holds on the wall. There are 300 routes both inside and outside. Do you want to get to know the climbing sport for the first time? Then there are a number of options:

  1. Climbing with the auto-belays. Auto-belays are belay devices, so you do not have to secure yourself. After a short instruction you can get started in the places where a auto belay is installed. HERE you can find more info.
  2. By doing a climbing introductory lesson indoor. With this instruction of about 1 hour you will learn the basics of safe indoor climbing (top rope). For safety reasons you need to be with at least 3 people for this option.
  3. The magic instruction. The instructor belays you, you can start immediately, alone or with 2 people!
  4. It is also possible to follow a beginners course. It is not necessary to register with someone else for this. After this course you can independently climb anywhere, you receive the K2 certificate from the Climbing Sector Association.

For advanced climbers there are weekly trainings (5A-7B) under the guidance of our experienced and enthusiastic ‘drill-intructors’. There are also regular leadclimbing courses to get you ready for outdoor climbing (on our own climbing wall outside or on rock).


Bouldering is a young branch of the climbing sport where short routes are climbed on low walls, without harness or rope. In Klimhal Amsterdam there are special walls inside and outside of max. 4.30 m high, on which you can boulder.

Never bouldered before?

Do the Intro Bouldering. When bouldering you climb small routes, up to 4 meters high without using ropes or a harness. You have the fall mats that will soften a possible fall. When bouldering, the color of the holds indicates how difficult a boulder is, there are also special children’s boulders, these are gray or pink. In a boulder introduction, the instructor explains the purpose of bouldering and how the grading and colors of the holds work. You can quickly get started to try one of the 300 boulders inside or outside.

The costs for an intro bouldering amounts to 15 euro per person including entrance (excluding climbing shoes).

In addition, it is possible to follow a boulder course or take part in the ongoing boulder training.


Join a climbing or boulder course!